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City 93.7 FM, located in the vibrant heart of Prague, stands out as an iconic radio station that captures the essence and dynamism of one of Europe's most beautiful and historic cities. With a programming mix that spans contemporary hits to timeless musical gems, City 93.7 FM provides its listeners with the perfect soundtrack to match the pace of life in Prague. Not just celebrated for its musical excellence, the station is also committed to keeping the community informed through local news, feature reports, and discussions on topics that matter most to both residents and visitors of Prague. Engaging with its audience is a core value at City 93.7 FM, creating a platform for dialogue, entertainment, and cultural enrichment. Tuning into City 93.7 FM is like embarking on an auditory journey that reflects Prague's diverse and rich cultural tapestry. The station serves as a meeting point for those eager to experience the city from various angles, offering a unique blend of music, news, and entertainment. City 93.7 FM is undoubtedly the voice of Prague, broadcasting the city's best to every corner of the globe through its waves.


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