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The Storm


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CJNE is a locally owned private radio station that started broadcasting in the summer of 2002. Owners Treana and Norm Rudock had a vision of a local radio station to serve the northeast part of Saskatchewan and applied for a broadcasting license with the CRTC. As in our call letters that we selected CJNE, the NE represents northeast. We wanted to serve northeast Saskatchewan communities and businesses. Our objective was to tell people to shop locally whenever they can and to help out local charity groups and volunteer organizations in promoting their events. We felt that the northeast area was seeking a good music radio station. Program director Treana Rudock found some of the most popular and one hit wonders that were ever produced. We now play the widest selection of music that you will ever hear on the radio.


Anos 50,60 Classic Rock


 Canadá Nipawin, SK





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